Maximising Bounty Payouts in WISE 1506+7027

Increase your bounty payouts near Sol by leveraging powerplay

TL;DR This is an advanced player guide and is intended for those wanting to get a little more money from bounty hunting in our home system. You can haul Hudson Garrison Supplies once or twice a week in order to increase bounty payouts in systems exploited by Zachary Hudson.

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Written by CMDR Payload

29 Oct 2020

Guardian Modules Handbook

Unlocking the guardian modules

In this handbook we will look at Guardian technology and how it will help Redshift Logistics compete at the forefront of our galactic marketplace.

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Written by CMDR CanesSS1LE

05 May 2020

Farming Manufactured Materials at Dav's Hope

Manufactured material gathering made easy

Dav’s Hope is an abandoned planetary base that has a large amount of manufactured materials ready for scooping with an SRV. Starting at our HQ at Dobrovolskiy Enterprise, plot a course for Hyades Sector DR-V C2-23 or use our squadron bookmark “Farm: Davs Hope”. This is 178.5LY from WISE 1506+7027 so it is advisable to bring a ship outfitted for exploration like a Diamondback Explorer.

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Written by CMDR Payload

25 Apr 2020

Combat Improvement

A beginner to intermediate guide to combat

This guide covers the fundamentals every pilot should be aware of when entering into a combat engagement. This guide assumes the reader has completed all the basic combat training and/or has around 10 hours combat flight time.

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Written by CMDR Tenacious C

19 Apr 2020

BGS & You

Our BGS guidelines

It’s no surprise to anyone that the BGS (background simulation) in Elite Dangerous is an incredibly complicated aspect of the game. No one person has a full understanding of how it works, however some know more than others. With this guide I intend to share with you the basics on how you can help the cause, or at the very least, prevent yourself from accidentally harming it.

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Written by CMDR Tenacious C

16 Apr 2020

Optimising Powerplant Output

Get the best out of your powerplant

Optimising your ships power output with some extra priority configuration seems daunting at first, but here’s a template for your power output needs. This configuration is for general purpose combat multirole ships which can be tweaked to suit your needs. Smuggling ships for instance, will want a different setup entirely.

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Written by CMDR Payload and CMDR Tenacious C

27 Feb 2020

Farming Encoded Materials at Jameson Crash Site

encoded data gathering made easy

The Jameson crash site is a great source of high grade encoded materials. Starting out at Dobrovolskiy Enterprise, plot a course for HIP 12099. This is 214.65LY away so it is recommended to bring a ship fitted purely for exploration and FSD jump range. In this guide I’m using a Diamondback Explorer which perfectly fits this sort of activity.

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Written by CMDR Payload

15 Feb 2020


Unit 11 Deck 24
Dobrovolskiy Enterprise, WISE 1506+7027