Cmdr Payload

Managing Director

"Let the market decide."

Cmdr Khaotix

HR Director

"An artist respects the silence that serves the foundation of creativity"

Cmdr Ram

HR Specialist

"It'll make one hell of a story."

Cmdr Tenacious

Senior Agent

"I'm sorry chief, but if it ain't got enhanced performance thrusters then I ain't interested."

Cmdr Legate

Senior Agent

"Set me up with a cigar, a handgun, some Lavian brandy - and I'll be just fine."

Cmdr Zak Valentino


"With Redshift Logistics you never have delusions of Grandeur.. you are the Grandeur."

Cmdr IcarusFirebound


Cmdr Pew

Flight Officer

"Cool story bro."

Cmdr Echo

Senior Agent

"To be a bodyguard is to be a kamikaze pilot. Dedicated"

Cmdr Gnat

Senior Agent

"I just want to live a quiet life."

Cmdr Craig

Flight Instructor

"Rookies are top priority, but after everything else."


Unit 11 Deck 24
Dobrovolskiy Enterprise, WISE 1506+7027