Farming Encoded Materials at Jameson Crash Site

The Jameson crash site is a great source of high grade encoded materials. Starting out at Dobrovolskiy Enterprise, plot a course for HIP 12099. This is 214.65LY away so it is recommended to bring a ship fitted purely for exploration and FSD jump range. In this guide I’m using a Diamondback Explorer which perfectly fits this sort of activity.

Before you head off, be sure you have the following modules equipped on your ship:

  • SRV
  • Fuel Scoop
  • Planetary Landing Suite
  • Detailed Surface Scanner

One you reach HIP 12099, give the system a honk with your discovery scanner and start heading towards planet 1B.

If you have visited before you should be able to see a new entry on your left side nav menu for the “Jameson Crash Site”. If not then approach the planet slowly, use your detailed surface scanner to drop a probe onto the planet surface and begin your approach towards the co-ordinates -54.3803, -50.3575.

If you haven’t visited before this can take a little while to locate, this should be the only time you will have to locate it this way. Using the surface scanner will mean you wont need to find the site manually next time.

At the crash site there are 4 comms controls to scan that each have a chance to drop 1 or 2 of the following data materials:

  • Atypical Encryption Archives (Grade 4)
  • Adapative Encryptors Capture (Grade 5)
  • Modified Consumer Firmware (Grade 2)
  • Cracked Industrial Firmware (Grade 3)

In the image above, I have the comms control located closest to the Cobra Mk3s engines targeted. You want to park the SRV on the rock just in front of this and use your turret to scan all 4 so you don’t need to drive to each one.

Once scanned, log out and re-login in Solo mode. Scan the 4 points again by using the SRV turret. Repeat this process until you have maxed one of the following:

  • Atypical Encryption Archives (Grade 4)
  • Adapative Encryptors Capture (Grade 5)

At this point, return to your ship and plot a course for Diaguandri which is the closest system with an encoded material trader. At the time of writing this guide, Ray Gateway in Diaguandri was under lockdown so I had to travel a little further for an encoded data trader.

Once at Ray Gateway in Diaguandri, start trading your G4/G5 materials down to the data materials you need.

This entire process can be repeated. It’s strongly recommended trading away all the data materials you find at the crash site before you head out. As you can see in the screenshot above I have done this in preparation for another run.

I hope this guide is useful and makes your engineering journey that little bit easier.

Fly safe o7

Written by CMDR Payload