Maximising Bounty Payouts in WISE 1506+7027

TL;DR This is an advanced player guide and is intended for those wanting to get a little more money from bounty hunting in our home system. You can haul Hudson Garrison Supplies once or twice a week in order to increase bounty payouts in systems exploited by Zachary Hudson.

Zachary Hudson offers bounty reward bonuses to systems his powerplay exploits. In this case Hudson will offer bounty reward bonuses to bounties turned in in WISE 1506+7027 since it’s currently one of his exploited systems. The bonus payout is determined by your powerplay rating with Hudson, if you increase your rating the higher bounty bonus. For the purpose of this guide we will focus on delivering Hudson Garrison Supplies to increase our rating.

Rating Requirements Table

Rating Merits Required Bounty Bonus Weekly Merit Upkeep
1 0 20% 0
2 100 30% 54
3 750 40% 400
4 1500 50% 800
5 10,000 100% 5334

Merit Calculator by Athrael

Powerplay Cycles

The powerplay cycle resets every Thursday, this means that any rating changes and merits earned are carried into the next cycle.

It’s important to know that merits have a weekly decay. This means once you get to your chosen rating, you will need to do a weekly delivery of Hudson Garrison Supplies to retain your chosen rating. Roughly half of your earned merits will be carried over to the next cycle (use the rating requirements table to determine your merit upkeep)

Earning Merits

Be sure to use a commodity hauling ship and that you can do the delivery of the Hudson Garrison Supplies in one or two trips (assuming you are not interested in rating 5). A ship that can make a 20LY jump fully laden will definitely speed things up.

Using the galactic powers menu in the bottom right of your ships HUD, pledge allegiance to Zachary Hudson and then plot a course to Gresley Dock, Nanomam. This is 19.41LY from WISE 1506+7027.

Once docked, go into the contacts menu of the starport services and select the power contact.

Starport Services -> Contacts -> Power Contact

From here, begin the the slow and painful process of purchasing these powerplay commodities. Purchase the first lot of Hudson Garrison Supplies and then fast track the next order to purchase the next batch. Do this until you are happy with the amount using the table above.

Now go into your ships galactic powers menu and go to Hudsons control tab.

Galactic Powers -> Zachary Hudson -> Control

Pick a close by system from the system alerts section to deliver to. Based on the screenshot below the closest system to deliver to is LHS 2088. Due to constant changes in power play, this route may not be available so always double check what systems need fortifying before plotting your course.

View it via system map and plot a course for the closest starport, in this case Tanaka Terminal.

Once docked, go into the contacts menu of the starport services and select the power contact to offload the goods.

If this is your first week being pledged to Zachary Hudson, you will need to be patient and wait until the following Thursday for any rating changes to be applied to you.

Once the next powerplay cycle begins, any bounties you earn in a system that Hudson is exploiting will have the bonus applied. Just remember to maintain it by using the rating requirements table at the top of this guide.

Written by CMDR Payload