Optimising Powerplant Output

Optimising your ships power output with some extra priority configuration seems daunting at first, but here’s a template for your power output needs. This configuration is for general purpose combat multirole ships which can be tweaked to suit your needs. Smuggling ships for instance, will want a different setup entirely.

Modules with the lower number are a higher priority whereas modules with a higher number are of a lower priority. This means that if you begin using weapon modules when you deploy your hardpoints, modules of a lower priority will shutdown to save power. Who needs a docking computer mid combat right?

Module/Type Priority Notes  
Thrusters 1    
FSD 1    
Life Support 2    
Sensors 2    
Shields 3    
Shield Boosters 3    
Weapons 4    
Defense Utilities 5 Chaff, KWS, ECM, Heat Sinks, Shield Cell Banks etc.  
Other Utilities 5 FSD Booster, FSD Interdictor, Fuel Scoop etc.  
Flight Assists 5 Docking Computer, Supercruise Assist  
Cargo 5 Cargo Hatch, Limpet Controllers  

If your powerplant malfunctions or is put offline (0% integrity) then your total power output will be reduced to 40%; meaning your priority 1 modules should max out out 39%, any higher and everything on your ship will be disabled. Thrusters and FSD are the only things that need to be in priority 1. Other modules can be set priority 1 if you have enough power for it, otherwise those modules should go to priority 2. On CMDR Tenacious C’s recommendation, shields & boosters in priority 3, weapons in priority 4 and non essentials in priority 5.

Fly safe o7

Written by CMDR Payload and CMDR Tenacious C