Guardian Modules Handbook

In this handbook we will look at Guardian technology and how it will help Redshift Logistics compete at the forefront of our galactic marketplace.

Guardian Technology is broken down into 3 types:

  • Modules
  • Weapons
  • Fighters

In this edition of the Handbook we will look at Modules


There are 6 types of Guardian Modules:

  • Guardian FSD Booster
  • Guardian Power Plant
  • Guardian Hybrid Power Distributor
  • Guardian Hull Reinforcement
  • Guardian Module Reinforcement
  • Guardian Shield Reinforcement

To unlock this technology Commanders in Redshift Logistics will need to unlock Blueprints that will allow Commanders to create this technology at a Technology Broker once thy have returned to HQ. You will need 6 Guardian Module Blueprint Segments for each module that you wish to build at the Technology Broker. In addition, each module will also require Guardian Manufactured materials, Guardian Encoded materials, these will be found on-site, and Commodity materials to build them. You can find the items needed at the Technology Broker or through the Inara resource.

The journey to the Guardian site will take Commanders outside of the Bubble to the SYNUEFE NL-N C23-4 System, 873.39LY from HQ. Once in the system you will be travelling to planet B3 which is 2,556.98Ls from the entry point. Due to the length of this journey all Redshift Logistics Commanders are required to bring the following pieces of equipment with them.

  • Small or Medium Ship - This class allows the Commander to park as close as possible to the Guardian Site. Also due to the length of this journey from the bubble a ship with a high max jump range is recommended.
  • SRV - Required to navigate around the Guardian site. A minimum of 2 are recommended as you will encounter hostiles.
  • Sulphur and Phosphorus - Needed for refuelling and reloading of ammo for your SRV, a minimum quantity of 150 each is recommended.
  • Point Defence Turrets - Another required piece of equipment, as it will defend against hostile guardian missiles that will be fired at your SRV. It is highly recommended that these be placed as high up on your ship as possible.
  • Cargo Racks - Recommended for the transferring of Guardian Relics found at the Guardian Site from your SRV.
  • Fuel Scoop - This is a required piece of equipment due to the length of the journey from the bubble. It is recommended that Commanders outfit the highest class of Fuel Scoop possible to their ship.

Once all of the required equipment as been loaded onto your ship, Commanders are ready to leave HQ and begin the journey to SYNUEFE NL-N C23-4.

Using your External Panel, plot a course to the target system.

Upon arrival at SYNUEFE NL-N C23-4, Commanders will supercruise to planet B3.
At approximately 1000Ls from the destination, Commanders will start to see 4 sites appear on planet B3.

  • Guardian Site
  • Ancient Site 1
  • Ancient Site 2
  • Ancient Site 3

Commanders will want to lock onto Guardian Site and begin to make their descent to the planet’s surface.

Once you approach the site, it resembles an “Ancient Earth Commercial Airliner”. We recommend landing your ship on the right side of the “Airliner” closest to the top.

Now you will want to enter your SRV. Once on the planet surface you will travel out from under your ship and head towards the Guardian Site.

You will see the large elevated area of the site. This is the Guardian Machine. This will be where you will receive the Guardian Module Blueprint Segment after performing the sites unlock sequence. Drive your SRV towards the site and go up the hill onto the Guardian Machine.

Once you reach the top of the machine, you will immediately hear the sound of machinery and feel the surface move. This is the beginning part of the unlock sequence. In front of you is the Guardian Machine, in front of it you will see an X shaped object on the surface.*

Drive your SRV onto the X. Upon doing so the Commander will now encounter hostile Guardian Sentinels. Enter your SRV turret. Switch to combat mode, then lock and fire upon the Guardian Sentinel. You will want 2 pips on SYS and the remaining pips on WEP. Even with this setup your SRV Repeater will not have enough power. Do not worry about this.
Guardian Sentinel weapons are not strong. They will weaken your shields but not destroy them. During combat, the Guardian Sentinel will trigger site based missiles to attack you. These will hurt your shields and may also attempt to tip over your SRV. They will not destroy you though if they reach you. Your ships Point Defence Turrets should make quick work of these. If by some miracle they do defeat you, you will return to your ship to enter your second SRV and return to the X located on the surface.

Once you have defeated the Sentinel, collect all of the parts that were dropped. These are some of the materials needed to create the modules later. Make sure to do this after every Sentinel you defeat. After completing your salvage of parts, proceed towards the pylon located near the X. It will have a glowing blue orb inside of it.

This is the first pylon that you will need to charge with your SRV repeater to start the unlock procedure.
Aim your repeater at the orb and open fire. This will charge the orb and a blue beam of light will shoot from the top of the Pylon.

There are 6 pylons in total that you will need to charge in order to complete the unlock procedure.
This will also start a timer on your screen for the amount of time you have to find and charge the next pylon in the sequence. After every pylon you charge, the timer is extended, so don’t worry about running out of time.

Once the first pylon has been charged, the second one is just to the right of the first. As with the first, there will be sounds of machinery and the surface will shake. The pylon will raise out of the surface, you will then aim at the orb and open fire to charge the second one. Follow the order in the above image to charge the remaining pylons.

With one exception…

Upon reaching the fourth pylon, you will once again hear the sound of machinery moving and the ground will shake. This time, a second pylon will come out of the ground to your right, just behind another structure.

At the top of this new pylon, you will see a blue glowing box. Target this with your turret and fire. Once you have, the glowing box will fall from it. This is a Guardian Relic and you will need it at the end of the unlocking sequence.

Once you go to charge the fourth pylon with the glowing orb. Another Guardian Sentinel will pop up out of the surface and attack you. Make sure that once you defeat this Sentinel, you again collect all of the salvage.
Continue with the two remaining pylons, charging the orb and defeating the remaining Sentinels. Then you will return to the X and access your Internal Panel.

You will then need to access your SRV inventory and “Abandon” the Relic.

Once you do this the Guardian Machine will wake up.
You have now activated it and opened the Ancient Data Terminal.

Once the Guardian Machine has fully awaken you will need to target it.

Place your SRV into Analysis Mode.

Then scan the Ancient Data Terminal with your SRV data scanner.
You have now unlocked the Guardian Module Blueprint Segment. Congratulations!

Before leaving the site and heading back to HQ with your highly sought after Guardian Module Blueprint Segment. You will have some more salvage to conduct on site.

Located around the Guardian Site, you will see the above pictured pylons as well. These pylons contain additional materials located behind a Destroyable Panel. Target these with your SRV turret, so that the materials will fall from the panel.

In addition you will also notice several glowing obelisks located around the site. These contain the Encoded materials that will be needed to complete your Guardian Modules.
You will need to enter Analysis Mode and scan the Active Ancient Obelisk with the SRV data scanner. These scans will give you the following types of Guardian Encoded data:

  • Pattern Alpha Obelisk Data
  • Pattern Beta Obelisk Data
  • Pattern Delta Obelisk Data
  • Pattern Gamma Obelisk Data
  • Pattern Epsilon Obelisk Data

This concludes the salvage that you will need to perform at the Guardian Site.
As is the case with all things Elite Dangerous once all materials have been gathered from the site, you will need to re-log in to rinse and repeat.
If Commanders would like more of the data materials, they can be found with more of the Active Ancient Obelisks at the three other sites on planet B3.
If you are ready to leave the site, we recommend that all Commanders check the Inara resource for a full list of materials needed for creating the Guardian Modules at the Technology Broker upon return to HQ.

This is highly recommended, due to the 873.39LY trip from HQ to acquire all of the necessary materials needed.

For additional information about Guardian Technology, keep an eye out for further additions to the Redshift Logistics Guardian Technology Handbook.

Fly safe, Commanders o7

Written by CMDR CanesSS1LE