Redshift Logistics was founded in 3272 and aims to disrupt Federal and Independent markets with its breaking from Empire ownership. The introduction of the Frame Shift Drive and recent investment has seen RLOG's cargo fleet overhauled with a new generation of ships capable of going head-to-head with larger competitors within the Bubble.

Based at Dobrovolskiy Enterprise in WISE 1506+7027 for its central location to major landmarks within the bubble and close proximity to Sol. Redshift Logistics is at the centre of most major trade routes.
Here at Redshift, we pride ourselves on being an independent company. We are capable of tackling all areas of business regardless of superpower affiliation.
Within the bubble, RLOG operates a large network of full time and contracted pilots. This approach offers a rapid and hassle-free experience that ensures our contracts are delivered.

We are an Xbox and PC player group with a squadron and minor faction representing us in game. We incorporate elements of roleplay and are more than happy to employ commanders of all skill levels.


We provide supply chain management and logistical support across the bubble. Regardless of your industry, your commodity, or your key markets, Redshift Logistics has solutions that offer both small and large businesses the opportunity to grow.

The pilots within our cargo division are highly skilled and capable, from discretely transferring data to shipping large volumes of commodities.


Our mining fleet is responsible for prospecting systems for resources and extracting them to market. We are experts at resource extraction, be it standard laser mining or asteroid splitting with surface charges.


Our security personnel provide support to both our mining and logistical divisions. Redshift security teams are trained to maintain a safe environment for our operations and will terminate hostile action with extreme prejudice.


Redshift takes pride in our brave explorers and their desire to find new opportunities waiting for discovery. From finding optimal trade routes to discovering Fleet Carrier fuel deposits, we are constantly pushing the limits to bring the galaxy's riches within your grasp.

Anti Xenos

RLOG has recognized the importance of togetherness and created an Anti Xeno wing to do their part in the galactic war. Heavy resources were invested in order to complete a stellar fleet of AX ships and Fleet Carriers.
With these resources and skilled pilots on hand, RLOG is ready to do what needs to be done. Ready to fight. Read for war.

Join Us

Check out our careers page for full time and contractor vacancies. We are happy to consider contractors in full time employment to other factions on a case by case basis.
No matter your allegiances, Redshift Logistics offers exciting career opportunities in a truly intergalactic working environment. Explore our site to learn more about our organisation and find out how you can contribute.

All staff join our private player group and there are no requirements to join the official squadron. Contractors are always welcome.


Unit 11 Deck 24
Dobrovolskiy Enterprise, WISE 1506+7027