Home System Ceasefire Agreement

  1. Redshift Logistics and Federal Privateers staff will not engage one another in unsanctioned conflict in the systems LHS 215 and WISE 1506+7027. Any conflict in systems other than these home systems are out of scope and have no effect on this agreement.

  2. Both parties agree to not pursue any direct action to overthrow, undermine, or tamper with; faction’s control of their respective native home system.

  3. RLOG to maintain second position in LHS 215 and will not push for ownership of the system.

  4. Both parties have free movement in one anothers home systems, and will respect ongoing alliances within those systems.
    • Within WISE 1506+7027 FEDP will not fire upon an ally of RLOG
    • Within LHS 215 RLOG will not fire upon an ally of FEDP
  5. During the term of this agreement, the factions will not, directly or indirectly, recruit, solicit, or induce, or attempt to recruit, any of the other factions members for work, without consultation via Discord embassy.

  6. The factions agree to indemnify the other for any future wrongdoings should the need arise.

  7. This ceasefire is evidenced by each faction having representation within one another’s Discord embassies.

  8. A serious breach of these agreements voids this ceasefire.
Written by Public Relations